Every time Tony shoots a 50

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I’m a little delayed on getting the dart blurb up for the week. And I have to fix an error in the averages. I’ll get there. Boyer will remind me.

Inside the bar last Tuesday, we shot darts.

Remo’s team took on Doug’s team in one of the matches. In the first game, Tony Ford nailed the board, posting a 52 game to lead all shooters. Remo chipped in with a 38, and the team put up a 147 game, which was good enough for the win (147 – 130).

In the second game, Mike Kerrick came alive. His 43 was the top score of the game. And, Tony, Remo, and Kerrick shot a penalty free game. Mike M’s single in the 7th inning was the only blemish on the scorecard. You guys are going to have to shoot a lot worse than that if you want to have a fun party at the end of the season! The game finished up 118 – 112, in favor of Remash.

The final game of the math came down to the very last dart! Doug’s team was up by four heading into the 9th. Team Remash shot a 17, which at least gave them a chance to win. Z was the final shooter of the game, and he faced a “two to tie, three to win” scene. He was only able to land a single, and team Remash squeaked by with a 125-124 victory, sweeping the night.

On the other board Team Zig faced Team Zaharick. In the first game, Lurch came out firing, and missing mostly. His 9 game spurred his teammates to dig deeper, and they all had 30 games. That was enough and they took the first game 109 – 102. In the second game, the captains dulled. Zig shot a 45 and Joe Z threw 42. John Finlan tossed a 40 of his own. On the strength of a 20 inning in the 9th, Team Zig took the second game 135 – 134.

Zig continued the hot hand in the third game. He strung together a pair of 8′s, a pair of 7′s and a pair of 6′s on his way to a 54 game – proving once again that when Tony Ford shoots a 50+, someone else shoots a better 50+. Oh well.

The 54 wasn’t enough to lift his team to victory as they fell in another close one 125 – 122. The final two games were decided by 4 points, which is a reminder that every dart counts.

Away from the bar this week, we had a team compete in the final qualifying day of States in Freeland.

Doug Troutman, Kirk Wimble, and Joe Swatski shot four matches and walked away with a 3 – 1 record. Doug’s 60 was high game of the day!

They will be going back THIS SATURDAY to compete in the finals!

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we sent a team up to States on Saturday. The tournament moved back to Freeland, and Sinko, Rock and Andy Dowkus made the trip up to shoot.

There, they found themselves matched up against Haganey’s #2. In the first game of the match Sino put up a 41, and Rock really came to shoot firing a 46. But, Haganey’s was able to withstand that by firing some good games of their own . . .

It’s a little blurry, but the scorecard says Joe Hoffman led off with a 46, Tommy Hill threw a 61, and Joe Haganey shot hammer with a 53 for a team total of 160.

It doesn’t matter what you shoot, when they shoot a 160 you shake their hands.

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The Weekend Ahead

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Team Zaharick ends the schneids

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Something’s wrong with Skinner, after two weeks he’s averaging almost 27 points a game.  Maybe Tanney really DID know how to play defense in darts?

Doug’s team took on Team Zig, and had a rough go of it.  In the first game Zig and Doug both hit 40′s.  Skinner’s 32 provided the ump to push Team Zig to a 124 – 106 win.

In the second game Fatty came alive, posting a 39 and helping push Team Doug to a 129 game.  But, on the other side of the coin Wargo and Zig BOTH hit 48 games!  That, was too much and Team Zig took the second game of the match 133 – 129.  Team Zig completed the sweep with a 116 – 107 victory in the final game.

On the other board, Team Zaharick was taking on Team Remash (or Ford).  Mike Kerrick 34 game led all shooters in the first game.  When the last shooter of the game, Mr. Joe Remash, took the line he was facing 3/4 to tie/win.  He hit the four, for a One Point Victory.  That’s kind of sweet because last week Remash’s team lost TWO games by two points or less.

In the second game, Kerrick stayed strong with a 37, but he was bested by team mate Tony Ford’s 43 for high score of the game.  Team Ford/Remash ended up with 135 that game, which was enough for the win.

I’m not sure the standing room only crowd was chanting “Lurch, Lurch, Lurch!!” during the third game of the match, but it would have been ok if they were.  He showed up with a 31.  Which of course drove Boyer to hit a 42.  This time it was Team Zaharick that hit the mid-130 game (134 to be precise) and they walked away with a 134-124 win.  Remo tossed a 41 in a losing effort.

So, Team Standings after 6 games shot . . .

Team Zig   6 – 0

Team Doug  3 – 3

Remash   2 – 4

Joe Z       1 – 5

Doug’s average dropped to a mere 43.8.  Timmy and Zig both have 39 and change.  Boyer > Joes Remash and Z.  Mike Kerrick with a 32 average!

Next week meet again to see who rises and who falls!



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And they’re off!

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the next season of darts is underway after a brief hiccup getting the roster slots filled.

this season we welcome back some folks like Fatty and Pat McLaughlin, and say hello to first time shooters Lurch (yes, the Kim Kardashian of Yik Yak shoots at Dorko’s on a Tuesday night!) and Mike M.

the team breakdowns are . .


  • Doug Troutman
  • Snoz
  • Fatty
  • Mikey Z


  • Damian Zigler
  • Timmy Wargo
  • Pat McLaughlin
  • Skinner


  • Joe Zaharick
  • B – BO – BOYER!!
  • Langton
  • Lurch


  • Tony Ford
  • Joe Remash
  • Mike Kerrick
  • Mike McG.


In the first week of action, we did see the old standby of Burgers in Sauce for the opening night!

in other, less important news, two teams went 3 – 0 and two teams went 0 – 3.  Which at first glance isn’t terribly exciting, but upon further inspection that changes quickly.

In the match between Zig’s Team and Remash’s Squad the first game went to Zig 107 – 96.  After that, both teams had some players jumping into high gear.  Timmy, Zig, Tony Ford, and Joe Remash all had 40 games.  Zig put up an 8 in the 9th as the team’s hammer shooter.  If that was a 7 instead, the game would have gone into extra innings.  Remash’s Squad came up short 131 -132.

And then in the final game things were close again, landing in favor of Zig’s team 125 – 123.

On the other board, Doug put on a display.  He opened up with a 49 game, and led his team to a 133 – 108 win over Team Zaharick.  In the second game of the match Snoz threw a 38 and Doug put up the high game of the young season with a 54.  That combination was enough to propel them to a 128 – 124 victory.  Boyer matched Snoz with a 38 game in defeat.

The third game was another close one.  Doug closed out the night with a 7 and an 8 in the final two innings and a total of 46 points for the game.  His team won their third of the night 116 – 114.

I have to think that if you throw a 149 set for the night, it’s only fair that your team picks up some wins!

Action continues next week on Tuesday Night!





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The Week Ahead

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Sinko keeps reminding me that I don’t update here often enough. And Mrs. Angeli points out that when I do, it’s always a look BACK on what went on – and she would prefer a few words about UPCOMING events. Fair enough all the way around!

So, here’s what’s happening during the next few days . . . .

TUESDAY – DARTS – we’re drafting and starting the Spring League. We have 16 shooters, a pair of hands on deck ready to jump in if Timmy gets called to work, and Josh Mall (official GRADUATE of Mt. Carmel Area High School) is willing to Skype in if need be. He says he’s been throwing a lot of 50”s and 60′s at his house.

Traditional opening day burgers in sauce are on the menu. Flyers take on the Coyotes tonight as well.

WEDNESDAY – Tacos and general mid-week merriment.

THURSDAY – Wing NIGHT! Woo- hoo! $7 a dozen including blue cheese and veggies.

FRIDAY – ROCK STREET PARK will be bringing their vibe to the room. It starts at 10pm and from there we party the rest of the night away. (and yes, Meat Loaf will be on the menu!)

SATURDAY – Tony Tone sets up for Karaoke! Bring your singing voice, liquid courage will be available for purchase all evening.

SUNDAY – Sunday Funday carries on, and for our viewing pleasure, the NFL has agreed to host the Superbowl this weekend. The kitchen will be closed, and in it’s place we will have a covered dish buffet.

MONDAY – is Groundhog’s Day. That means some time on Sunday night someone will be consumed by the idea of taking a road trip to Punxsutawney. Hopefully that all ends well. And, we set things up to do them all over again!

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Each Sunday throughout the Fall someone has risen up and provided more merriment to those around him or her than normal people deserve. We have been blessed with your presence, your antics and your spirit.

And in return, we have offered you temporary possession of the “Game Ball”.

This Sunday – the Game Ball finds its Final Home. The traveling trophy needs a resting place, and one of the season’s Game Ball winners will provide it.

Each Game Ball Winner will have one marker placed inside of a bag (we’ll probably bust out a Crown Apple bag, because this is some big time stuff!). Starting at 3pm, markers will be drawn from the bag about every 20 minutes. If your marker is drawn, you win a prize.

Prizes vary from . . .

Official SuperBowl Programs

to a 1950′s electric football game

there will be Football Glassware, an autographed photo of Chuck Bednarik

and more! Of course, the last marker that remains will take home . . . . the DORKO’S 2014 GAME BALL.

This Sunday is not just for the Game Ball winners from the Fall. EVERYONE will have a chance at winning some door prizes throughout the day!

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Ugly Sweater Party 2014

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DJ Big Daddy was in the house, and behind the “turntables” for Christmas this year for our Ugly Sweater Party!  There were more Ugly Sweaters in the room than I could capture on film.  There was just too much merriment going on for a complete round of picture taking to take place.  But, I did catch these folks displaying their “finest” Christmas Sweaters . . .




Hats off to Gary for the UGLIEST Sweater . . .


I didn’t get our Second Place finisher on film, but she managed to turn a trip to the Dollar Store into quite a fashion display!

And, an honorable mention goes out to our Christmas Tree Gal, Nikki Frank.  And another honorable mention to Lerch – the love of Desire’s life, of wearing the Human Centipede Ugly Sweater – the thought of which is enough to give me the shivers.



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Season Finale

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That’s what we had on Tuesday night.  The real season finale, not like some Mid-Season Finale, like the Walking Dead does.

Nothing was settled until the final games were played.  Timmy’s Team had taken the first half championship.  Going into the last match of the second half, they were tied with Doug’s team at the top of the standings.

On the back board, Doug’s team stumbled out of the gates dropping the first game to Joe Z’s team 115 – 109.  They righted the ship in the second game.  Doug shot a 52, which held up as high game of the night, and walked away with a 144 – 114 victory.

In the final game of the match,  Skinner stumbled.  His $1.30 donation to the cause was the most generous game of the evening.  And, his final score of 7 points was the only single-digit game of the season.  Still, it wasn’t enough to bring his average down to where Tanney could catch him.  In the battle between those two, Skinner finished with 22.6 for the season, and Tanney trailed by less than a point with a 21.7 average.

Oh yeah, the game went 139 – 102 Doug.  Cowboy chipped in with a 38.  which leaves Doug’s team at 2 – 1 for the night.

Meanwhile, on the front board, Chrissy Schu’s Team took on Team Wargo.

The first game went into extra innings.  Chrissy took the line with 3 to tie/4 to win, and hit the 3 to send the game into the 10th inning.  Team Wargo came out firing and put up a 22 inning, making it impossible for Team Schu to catch them.  They were missing Tony Ford from the lineup and got zero points from him for the inning.

Team Wargo kept firing for the rest of the night winning the next two games 144 – 1331 and 142 – 109.  So, they took the second half, and swept the season!

Congratulations to Jason Boyer, Snoz, Timmy Wargo, Damien Zigler!!

High Average for the year goes to Doug Troutman who finished with a 40.7.

High Game of the year was 53 points, which was thrown by both Damien Zigler and Tony Ford.

Zig really showed up this year.  His average was better than 3 out of 4 captains and he finished second on the leaderboard with a 36.9.

Trophies and plaques will be awarded at the High/Low tournament which will take place Saturday January 3rd.

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MCA Shuffleboard League

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Quoits have been going back and forth on shuffleboards tables in town for the last several Saturday Nights.


There are a couple of changes to the league traditions this time around.  The home team no longer is required to serve a meal, but providing snacks is still expected. And that’s a good idea as chips, pretzels and beer drinking are all close companions.

And, the home team is no longer required to buy the visiting team a drink, fwiw.

Now, onto the results from the first four weeks of action . . .


Dorko’s Cafe  27 – 9

Wilburton 2   25 – 11

Eagles 2       24 – 12

Centralia      23 – 13

V.F.W.          19 – 17

Wilburton 1  16 – 20

Eagles 1          15 – 21

Atlas               14 – 22

Clover Hose    13 – 23

Mt. Carmel Legion 4 – 32


Dorkos will be HOME this weekend.  Kickoff is at 7pm :)

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