we are up to 53 as high game

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The big news from last night’s dart scene – Sausage Hoagies.  You gotta respect the roaster.  Other news includes . . .

Action on the Back board between Team Wargo & Team Zaharick.  The first time they met, in the first week of the season, Team Zaharick came away with a 2 games to 1 edge.

In the first game, Ponytail tossed a 47 and Joe Z put up 42.  But that wasn’t enough as Team Wargo combined for 144 points, and took the game 144 – 137.  In the second game, Team Zaharick stumbled out of the blocks and fell behind by 8 points in the 1st inning.  They never recovered.  While Skinner was wearing out the scorekeeper’s pencil (he started with two blackouts and added another one in the 9th for good measure – and yes, that’s the night’s most generous game), Zig was putting up a series of solid innings that saw themselves grow into a 53 Game!

That stands at the top of the High Score board for this, still young, season!

Game 2,  167 – 105 Team Wargo.  In the third game of the set Ponytail and Joe Z managed to get hot again with 46 and 41 games respectively.  But once again, that wasn’t enough.  Team Wargo put up another 144 score with everyone hitting in the 30′s.

On the Front board Team Troutman and Team Schu squared off.  The first game ended with a victory for Team Schu, 132 – 112.  In the second game Cowboy got hot, throwing a 37. But, Chrissy Schu was hotter, tossing a 46 helping his team to their second win of the night 140 – 127.  Despite losing, Team Troutman almost tossed the least kitty-friendly game of the night.  Their scoresheet was marred only by Mike Kerrick’s single in the 9th inning.

In the final game of the night, Team Trout finished the top of the 9th inning with an 18 point lead.  Tanney and Langton came up big in the inning, and gave Chrissy an opportunity to grab the win and take all three games with his final darts.  He needed 3 to tie/4 to win.  And the scoresheet says . . . . . . he shot a 2 in the inning.  The game goes to Team Troutman 128 – 127.

The tightest contest of the night may have been between Boyer and Langton.  Averaging a 29 going into the contest, Langton raised his game with scores of 34, 34 and 35.  Was that enough to grind Boyer’s gears into the dirt?  Well . . . not exactly.  Boyer took the first game 36-34, the second game 36-34, and Langton finally got the better of him in the last game 35-34.  Three games, a total margin of victory of five points.  Nice!  And we won’t even mention that Boyer blacked out the 9th inning in that 3rd game where he lost.

And the original battling duo – Skinner and Tanney?  They battled as well with Skinner taking the opening game 24-22, but dropping the next two 26-20 and 20-17.

Even with the 53, Zig only moved his average about a half point, so he still trails Doug on the leaderboard.  Zaharick slips past Boyer after this week, and Langton moves his average into the 30′s.

There are 6 more games (two weeks) to go in the first half of the season.  Action picks up again next Tuesday, also the Flyers East will be hosting the Flyers West (I mean L.A. Kings) on the tv’s.  I’m not sure what’s for dinner yet.

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Team Wargo uses the broom

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The 3rd week of dart action for the Fall of 2014 took place on Tuesday night with the Flyers on in the background (they tied the Ducks with some late-game heroics from Voracek), and Chicken Pot Pie in the roaster.

The front board had Team Schu and Team Wargo facing off against each other.  Tony Ford and Chrissy each hit 40 games in the opener, but that wasn’t enough to overcome the team effort from the Wargo crew, where everyone shot 30 or better.  Team Wargo took the first game 143-129.

In the 2nd game, everyone one Team Wargo hit in the 3rd inning, and they took a ten point lead and never looked back, winning 139 – 114.  The real drama came when Boyer’s undefeated streak vs Langton was put to the test.  Dave was shooting first, and took a 1 point lead into the 9th.  There, he managed a single point – giving Boyer “two to tie, three to win”.

Boyer’s first dart missed it’s mark.  His second dart went astray also.  So, with his final dart he could hit a red and tie the Langton, or perhaps hit a trip and steal a victory, keeping his streak alive!  The dart left his hand and landed in the board – missing every scoring area!  BLACKOUT!!!


To close out the action between these two teams took an extra inning.  Team Schu got their space together and put up a 142 game, their best of the evening.  Being the hammer shooter for Team Wargo, Zig walked up to the line in the bottom of the ninth with a “6 to tie, 7 to win” and put up 6 – forcing extra innings.  Team Wargo outscored Team Schu in the 10th, and took the third and final game.

The back board had Team Trout and Team Zaharick squaring off.  Cowboy put up a 40 in his first game of the evening, leading Team Trout to a 125 – 109 win.

Skinner threw the evening’s most generous game in Game 2 of the match, contributing $.95 to the kitty via three blackouts and a pair of one point innings.  While his 13 was not enough to push his team to victory (Team Zaharick dropped Game 2 122 – 106), it was Almost Enough to defeat Tanney in their head-to-head challenge.  But, Tanney prevailed 16 – 13.

In the final game of the match Cowboy gave Skinner a run for his money adding a trio of blackouts of his own, but he came up shy for most generous game of the night honors.  Team Zaharick managed to avoid the sweep, taking the final game 119 – 113.

The teams are all bunched together in the standings with everyone at either 5 – 4, or 4 – 5 after shooting each other once.  If I have my tallies right, Tanney leads Skinner 6 – 3 and Boyer leads Langton 8 – 1 in head to head action.

After this week, Tony Ford jumps over Chrissy Schu on the leaderboard by a tenth of a point.  37.4 – 37.3.  And Damien Zigler jumps over BOTH of them with his 38.8 average.  He threw high game of the night with a 48.  Ponytail hopped over Wargo, and Boyer is now in front of Zaharick as the captains fall in the rankings.

I’m not sure what’s in the roaster for next week yet.  I do know the Flyers take on the Blackhawks in the background, and there may be some World Series Game 1 action as well.



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Back to Big Daddy

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The Sunday Funday action was intense this past weekend, with a bus load of Michigan/Penn State fans joining in the action!  And they all had the chance to see the Game Ball on display in front of Big Daddy – our Week #5 and our first two-time Game Ball holder!

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Bust out the Brooms baby!

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Hey Snoz, welcome to the dart league!

That’s right, first time shooter Dan Snyder made his debut on Tuesday, banging out a 24, 29, 31 series.  A nice, solid start.

That wasn’t the best series of the night.  That honor goes to Doug Troutman with his set of games – 48-49-51! That may be the closest we’ve had to a 150 night in, forever.  And that 51 game now sits as the top score of the season.  Danny Lawler is reported to be eyeing that score closely . . . from the sidelines.

That 51 was high game in one respect, Skinner posted a $.90 game that was the high game when using a different measuring stick.

We have a new leader on the average board.  With Tony Ford failing to hit a 40 game, his average dropped and Doug’s rose, putting him on top with a 43.8 for the first six games of the season.

In more important news, Tanny came into the night trailing Skinner 2-1 in head to head competition.  And when the turkey glass was emptied for the final time of the evening, that deficit was erased and he held a 4-2 season advantage because he busted out the broom and swept Skinner 3-0 on the night.

Apparently the Skinner/Tanney tussle is not the only head to head match that takes place on a Tuesday night.  Boyer and Langton also square off against each other for pints.  After Tuesday, Boyer holds a slim 6-0 lead for the season.

Despite the heavy use of the broom on Tuesday, none of the actual dart TEAMS swept each other.  Team Trout took two games from Team Wargo on the front board.  They never trailed in Game 1 which finished 134-127.  Team Wargo opened the second game with a 23 inning in the first.  By the end of the 5th inning the game was tied, but Team Wargo had a solid final stanza and took the victory 138-136.

Mike Kerrick showed up in the bully game shooting a 40, Cowboy tossed a 38, and Doug put up a 49.  Those strong games combined were enough to earn the win 156 – 133.

On the back board, Team Zaharick came out strong taking the first game 134 – 116.  They slid in the second game, putting up a 108.  That wasn’t enough, and Team Schu took Game 2 by a score of 119-108.  In the bully game, team Zaharick tossed another 108, and that’s simply not enough to win with.  Tony Ford woke up, leading his team with a 38.  Team Schu ended the night with a 123 – 108 victory.

The love in the trips event flowed towards Ponytail as he landed one of his three darts in the trips area of the 10th inning.  Trips shooters are hitting 50% of their darts so far this season!

And, Boyer devoured the tater tot casserole.  Next week – more darts, and chicken pot pie!


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The Real Handoff

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The Game Ball of Week Three of the Fall Sunday Funday Campaign was awarded to “The Real” Shaun Ryan.  Handing it off is young Dávid Krajňák.

At the end of the day, snapchat showed that the Game Ball was tucked away safely for the night, undoubtedly saving energy for its travels throughout the week.

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Fall Darts are Underway

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We met and picked teams on Tuesday night for the Fall Dart League of 2014.  In looking at the average sheet, we seem to have a first timer in the Captain’s seat by the name of Timmy Wargo.  His team will square off against squads led by Chrissy Schu, Doug Troutman and Joe Zaharick.

The line-ups are as follows . . .

Team Wargo

  • Timmy Wargo
  • Zig
  • Jason BOYER
  • Dan Snyder

Team Trout

  • Doug Troutman
  • Cowboy
  • Kerrick
  • Mark Ambrose

Team Schu

  • Chrissy Schu
  • Tony Ford
  • Dave Langton
  • Tanney

Team Zaharick

  • Joe Zaharick
  • Randy Kasenych
  • Aaron O’Neil
  • Skinner


Week One Action had Team Zaharick play Team Wargo on the Front Board.  In the first game Timmy and Zig both posted 43′s, and with Boyer pitching in a 35 game that was enough to earn a 143-125 victory.  Team Zaharick came back though, taking the next two games 125-124 and 127-114.

On the back board, the scores were higher.  In the opening game, Tony Ford started off with a blackout but righted the ship and finished with a 46.  That was high game of the night, and of course it’s also high game of the season so far.  He still had to kick in a quarter though for that blackout.  That game Tanney finished with a 26, but scored at least two points in every inning, which means he had no fines to pay when the game was over.  Consistency is rewarded in this league. :)

Team Schu ended up taking the first game 136-126.  And in the second game Tony came back with a 45 (yes, with a blackout – cha-ching!) leading his team their second victory of the evening 139-122.  By the third game Team Troutman had come to ether and they took the win 139-133.

In important side action, Skinner outshot Tanney in two out of three games.  And, Boyer did his best to empty the triples fund hitting two out of three darts in the triple 13!  and yes, we had a “Boyer buys a beer” moment to celebrate!

Next Week – Wargo stays on the Front Board taking on Troutman, Zaharick stays on the back board taking on Team Schu.  Tanney and Skinner will face off against each other

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Sunday Funday + Football

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Sunday Funday has taken on a new dimension now that the NFL has started!  The kitchen is open during the day, and the televisions are tuned into the different NFL games available from DirecTV!!

And, each week we award a Game Ball for the best performance on a Sunday.  Week One’s Game Ball goes to Big Daddy!!


The second week of the season – Tanney picked up the ball for his performance.


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Well, the season has come to a close, and the Final Standings are in!  Things were up in the air until the finish of the very last game of the year.  When the dust settled, Dorko’s made it to the top to tie for First Place for the second time in recent years!


Wilburton 2       113 – 58

Dorko’s Cafe      113 – 58

Wilburton 1        111 – 60

Eagles 2              109 – 62

Centralia               93 – 78

Eagles 1                 81 – 90

Atlas                      77 – 94

American Hose    76 – 95

VFW                      67 – 104

Mt. Carmel Legion   44 – 127

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Dorko’s Golf Tournament

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It’s almost Summer!  And at the beginning of the warm weather season, we take a trip over the hill to Rolling Meadows Golf Course and enjoy a Saturday morning together trying to whack a ball into each of the 18 holes while failing to injure ourselves or roll a golf cart.  Or put a golf cart into a body of water, although that’s not meant to be a challenge.  And don’t mention that to Tanney.

The date?

Saturday June 14th.  

It’s the same as it ever was because why mess with a good thing?  The format is a 4-Man Scramble.  The bar opens at shortly after 7am so people can catch rides, down an eye opener and grab a six pack if need be.  Then we close up shop and the party starts anew in Mowry.  Balls start flying at 8 am, cuss words shortly thereafter.

If your team is not there and registered by 7:50 you probably won’t be able to join in the games, but you will be able to join in the cussing.  I know some people like to be fashionably late.  During the tournament those people will be referred to as “spectators”.  Don’t worry, it’s a term of endearment.

For the entertainment of the golfers who have put forth effort acquiring skill in the game, there will be various “mini-games” including a pot of gold, long drive, and closest to the pin.  Hopefully we can add a putting contest to the mix.

The winners of the tournament will receive prize money, but it will be so little that anyone who went out of their way to stack their team will be sorely disappointed.  And your ringer teammates will yell at you for wasting their time.  Don’t be that guy.  That guy has a fun morning, but the rest of the weekend sucks because people keep giving him crap.

THERE WILL BE FOOD.  It’ll be served back at the bar at roughly noon.  Right now I have pulled pork BBQ in mind.

During lunch we will award the prizes for the day.

There will be a sign up sheet at the bar.  And I’ll put in place some sort of system to address folks who agree to participate in Saturday events, but then go out on Friday Night, get smashed, end up at the Sonny’s and magically have to help Uncle Elmo move to Reading on super-short notice Saturday morning.  That will probably mean some sort of deposit or pre-pay system.

Oh – the cost is $45 and that includes the round of golf with a cart, food and prizes.  Don’t feel you need to measure up to anyone with your golf skills to join in, it’s a “golf outing” as in we leave the building and go out somewhere for the morning.  It’s a good time, so find some friends and join in!



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shuffleboard 4-23-14

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Over the weekend, Dorko’s had a fantastic showing defeating our opponents by a score of 8 – 1.  But, other teams also fared well on the shuffleboard tables, so we were unable to completely close the gap int he standings.  As of this afternoon, here is how things stack up in the Mt. Carmel Shuffleboard League!


Wilburton 2        103 – 50

Dorko’s                99 – 54

Eagles 2                97 – 56

Wilburton 1          96 – 57

Centralia              86 – 76

Atlas                     74 – 70

Eagles 1               65 – 79

American Hose 61 – 83

Vets                     58 – 86

Mt. Carmel Legion  38 – 115



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