Season Finale

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That’s what we had on Tuesday night.  The real season finale, not like some Mid-Season Finale, like the Walking Dead does.

Nothing was settled until the final games were played.  Timmy’s Team had taken the first half championship.  Going into the last match of the second half, they were tied with Doug’s team at the top of the standings.

On the back board, Doug’s team stumbled out of the gates dropping the first game to Joe Z’s team 115 – 109.  They righted the ship in the second game.  Doug shot a 52, which held up as high game of the night, and walked away with a 144 – 114 victory.

In the final game of the match,  Skinner stumbled.  His $1.30 donation to the cause was the most generous game of the evening.  And, his final score of 7 points was the only single-digit game of the season.  Still, it wasn’t enough to bring his average down to where Tanney could catch him.  In the battle between those two, Skinner finished with 22.6 for the season, and Tanney trailed by less than a point with a 21.7 average.

Oh yeah, the game went 139 – 102 Doug.  Cowboy chipped in with a 38.  which leaves Doug’s team at 2 – 1 for the night.

Meanwhile, on the front board, Chrissy Schu’s Team took on Team Wargo.

The first game went into extra innings.  Chrissy took the line with 3 to tie/4 to win, and hit the 3 to send the game into the 10th inning.  Team Wargo came out firing and put up a 22 inning, making it impossible for Team Schu to catch them.  They were missing Tony Ford from the lineup and got zero points from him for the inning.

Team Wargo kept firing for the rest of the night winning the next two games 144 – 1331 and 142 – 109.  So, they took the second half, and swept the season!

Congratulations to Jason Boyer, Snoz, Timmy Wargo, Damien Zigler!!

High Average for the year goes to Doug Troutman who finished with a 40.7.

High Game of the year was 53 points, which was thrown by both Damien Zigler and Tony Ford.

Zig really showed up this year.  His average was better than 3 out of 4 captains and he finished second on the leaderboard with a 36.9.

Trophies and plaques will be awarded at the High/Low tournament which will take place Saturday January 3rd.

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MCA Shuffleboard League

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Quoits have been going back and forth on shuffleboards tables in town for the last several Saturday Nights.


There are a couple of changes to the league traditions this time around.  The home team no longer is required to serve a meal, but providing snacks is still expected. And that’s a good idea as chips, pretzels and beer drinking are all close companions.

And, the home team is no longer required to buy the visiting team a drink, fwiw.

Now, onto the results from the first four weeks of action . . .


Dorko’s Cafe  27 – 9

Wilburton 2   25 – 11

Eagles 2       24 – 12

Centralia      23 – 13

V.F.W.          19 – 17

Wilburton 1  16 – 20

Eagles 1          15 – 21

Atlas               14 – 22

Clover Hose    13 – 23

Mt. Carmel Legion 4 – 32


Dorkos will be HOME this weekend.  Kickoff is at 7pm :)

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Ugly Sweater Party

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We have a date for the Ugly Sweater Party this year.


Saturday December 20th


It’ll be all the usual merriment, with a holiday flair.  DJ Big Daddy will spin the tunes, there will be the return of the Riot Punch, drink specials (and special drinks?), jello shots, random prizes, and general Christmas-flavored nonsense.


So, mark the day on your calendars.  And, just in case you’re wondering what to shot for as far as how “Ugly” your sweater can be, here’s a shot of last year’s winner . . .

Shaun Ryan 2013

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The Upright Splitter

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On Sunday, we held the Paper Football Contest.  Everyone from DJ Big Daddy and Tanney to Grem and Tony Ford threw their hat into the ring.  After all, entry was free, and the prize was the GAME BALL.

In the first few kicks it became apparent that Tanney was never going to be the Morten Anderson of the paper football field.  He fell in consecutive matches.  Grem however, advanced in his first match.  But he then fell to Adam Zaharick, and found himself in the One Loss bracket.

Footballs filled the air, some of them making their way through the uprights, as the tournament wore on.  Young David and A Z battled for the catbird seat, with Adam taking the match and the prized position in the tournament – last man standing in the winner’s bracket.

Shirm worked his way through the One Loss bracket, eventually meeting A Z in the finals.  But Big Daddy didn’t have enough to knock A Z off the perch.  Our tournament Champion – and this week’s Game Ball Winner . . . . Adam Zaharick


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Triangle Paper Football Contest

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Sunday afternoon, around 4 o’clock. I’ll supply the official goalposts, and official paper that you can use to make footballs. I’ll also have a handful of footballs made in case your origami skills are completely lacking.

It’s a TOURNAMENT – Double elimination. So, you pick a pill, and your name goes onto a space in the bracket. Just like a dart tournament. If you lose a match, you go into the loser’s bracket. If you lose there, you’ll be free to dedicate all of your attention to drinking, or whatever.

The match begins with a coin flip. Whoever wins gets the chance to put the goalpost wherever they wish and set the conditions for the kick (there will be a fan or two to provide wind if desired).  The conditions do not include the manner in which the paper football is held or struck.  They affect the kick before, but not after the goalposts.

So, saying “kick from this beer coaster, through the uprights, and land in Grem’s fries” is not a valid set of conditions as Grem’s fries, or what’s left of them, will be located in a spot the football would land on AFTER going through the goalposts.  Saying “kick it from this beer coaster, off of the paper cutout of a baby chicken, through the goalposts” would be a valid set of conditions.

If player #1 makes the kick, player #2 must attempt the same kick.

  • If Player #2 makes it, no letters are awarded and and Player #2 now gets to take the lead shot in the next round
  • If Player #2 misses, they are awarded a penalty letter (the word is O-U-T). Player #1 keeps the power of shooting first, but they may not repeat any shots they made a point with.

The first player to spell the word O-U-T with their penalty letters loses.

The official paper is just printer paper, 8.5″ x 11″.  Make some footballs at home and see if you can hit the cat with them.  It’s all good.  I just didn’t want someone showing up with corrugated paper with a styrofoam inside and dominating based on superior equipment.  That’s all.

The goalposts are roughly 12″ wide, give or take, in case you’re curious.

Entry Free = $0


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The Start of the 2nd Half

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Hey, it’s SATURDAY.  That means a couple of things.  First off – a round of well wishes go out to Joe Zaharick, Bob Shirey and Mark Rohlfing as they shoot this afternoon in the Chambersburg dart tournament under the Dorko’s banner.  Good Luck Guys!

We started out the second half of the Fall dart league on Thursday.  On the Front board, there was a fluctuation in the fabric of time/space, and strange things happened. Tanney shot a 22, Team Captain Joe Zaharick shot a 21.  Skinner shot an entire game where he put up at least two points EVERY Inning.  In fact, HE LED ALL SHOOTERS that game with a 36!!

That’s why we play the games instead of just talk about them!  The team results after Game 1 had Team Schu taking a 114 – 110 win.

Skinner blacked out the very first inning of the second game, but that was the only mark against him on the score sheet.  He went on to put up  a 31 game, for back to back 30 offerings. Randy K led shooters in Game 2 with a 33, and Team  Zaharick took advantage of a crappy 9th inning from Team Schu to win 116 – 111.  There would be no sweeping going on on the Front Board tonight.

In the bully game of the match Tanney showed once again showed a combination of patience and generosity.  He waited until the 9th inning to take his score into double-digit territory – adding 4 points to his total of 7 for an 11 game.  By making use of four blackout innings and two single point innings, he was able to put together the most generous game of the night as well.

You can either be generous to your team, or the league.  And while Tanney was being generous to the league, his team was still in the hunt for a victory.  At the end of the 9th inning, they had a 13 point lead with Team Joe Z holding darts.  When captain Joe Z took the line as the final shooter, he was looking at a 5/6 situation.  Considering that of the 26 innings he had shot so far that night, he put up 5 or better 5 times, it looked like Team Schu had about an 80% chance of victory.  BUT NO!  Joe Z lands the 6 for the win!  The final score was 106 – 105.

and perhaps more importantly, Skinner sweeps Tanney for the evening and Jumps Over Him in the Player Rankings!!  BIG changes on Day#1 of the 2nd half!

On the Back board 1st half champs faced off against the team that Bodog has as their most likely threat to repeating, Team Troutman.

In Game #1 Team Troutman moved out into the leading the first stanza, but Team Wargo came back.  By the end of the 4th inning everything was tied up on the scoreboard.  Then Team Wargo crept out into the lead and stayed there until the end.  Zig was high shooter of the game with a 38, followed by Doug’s 37.  Game 1 finished at 121 -112.

In Game 2 Team Wargo nearly repeated their team score, putting up 122.  This time however, Team Troutman had some 9th inning heroics.  Going into the bottom of the 9th, Team Troutman trailed by 15.  After Hawk/Doug/Cowboy put up 5/4/5, anchorman Mike Kerrick took the line.  He put the final nails in, adding 6 points of his own and pushing his team to a 127 – 122 victory!

That may have pissed off Team Wargo.  In the final game of the match Timmy found his stride putting up his best game of the night (37).  Zig matched his high game of the night (38), and Boyer put up the best game of the night for any shooter with a 41!  They took the bully game 143 – 126.

Langton bested Boyer in the first game of the night in their head-to-head rivalry, but couldn’t match his efforts in games 2 and 3.  Boyer takes the night 2 – 1.  As an side, in a mid-week interview, Langton said that Boyer is good at darts.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it’s worth putting in print.

Both Boyer and Hawkins are exactly one tenth of a point behind Zaharick in the standings.  All three are ahead of Tony Ford.  What changes will Week Two bring?


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The first half of the Fall dart action for 2014 has come to a close.  Team Wargo went into the night with their destiny in their own hands.  They faced off against Team Schu on the back board.

In game 1, Team Wargo stumbled out of the gate and Team Schu did not.  By the end of the first stanza, Team Schu had opened up a 19 point lead, and never looked back.  They took the first game 127 – 119 with Chrissy leading shooters with a 41.

In game 2, Boyer exploded.  He took his 32 average and tossed it to the side, unleashing a series of innings that went 9-6-6-6-7-5-4 before finally slowing down in the 9th.  His final score?  A FIFTY!!!  He led shooters for the game, and the night with that score, and his team took game 2 and the first half title 144 – 118!

In the final game of the series, players were shooting for pride.  Boyer kept up his strong play, finishing the night with a 42 game.  Tanney, on the other hand, was just finished.  He showed patience by waiting until the 7th inning to break into the double digits with his score.  He then chose to coast through the rest of the innings and finish with an even 10 game.  That performance was the most generous game of the evening at $1.35.

In Game 3 Team Wargo poured it on with the lowest score on their team being a 34.  They won 151 – 111.

On the Front board, Joe Z’s team showed up even though he didn’t.  They faced Team Troutman, who have the new 37 shooter Joe Hawkins in their line up.  In Game 1, Hawkins hit a 37.  How can you make that up?  He led shooters for the game.  Joe Z led his team from the jobsite with a 33.  That wasn’t enough though, and Team Trout took the first game 125 – 105.

In Game 2 Joe Z led his team again. This time Hawkins tossed something other than a 37 (a 30), and Doug Troutman chipped in 40 points leading his team to their second win of the evening 124 – 115.

In the last game of the night, Randy Ponytail took over the top shooter spot for Team Zaharick with a 39.  He led them to a team score of 123, but that fell shy of the 136 spot put up by Team Troutman.  Team Troutman swept the match!

In the end, the important stats were

  • Boyer 2 Langton 1,
  • Tanney 2 Skinner 1, and
  • 1st half champs are Boyer, Snoz, Timmy and Zig!!

Boyer hops over Tony Ford on the leaderboard.  Timmy Wargo drops to 8th.  Skinner and Tanney are separated by one tenth of a point.

And next week we start all over again!!

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Trivia Trophy Hostage Situation

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The Team Trivia trophy situation has entered it’s 33rd day.  We’ve called in an advisor . . .

Our Lad has had experience in dealing with hostage takers before, and assures us that even at this point in the game, there is still hope for a peaceful resolution.  He points out that his 2002 Nobel Peace Prize gives him insight into how to resolve situations without conflict, and he also pointed out the the Molly Maguires aren’t taking on any new cases anyway.

See how sad everyone looks without the trophy?  it’s like a hollow victory on a Monday Night.  Well, hollow but with money, and beer, and chicken sandwiches.  So it’s not completely hollow.  More like hollow like those russian dolls that fit inside of each other hollow.

Until Monday, let’s enjoy a clip from Cars, where Paul Newman played the role of Doc Hudson . . .

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Team YES says – YES!!  We ARE ready for some Sunday Sunday Game Ball action!!

Big Daddy handed the Game Ball off to Elyse three weeks ago.

And, in a move that saw the Game Ball remain in the hands of a Lady, Elyse handed it off to Mel.  You can listen in as she broke the news to her family!

After being invigorated by receiving the Game Ball, Mel put on another fun filled performance and managed to win the Game Ball for a SECOND Week in a Row!


This Sunday anything can happen.  Word on the wind is that the Riot Punchbowl may be making an appearance, and that can change the spirits of the Game Day participants. Add the burgers designed by Sinko (fried eggs, bacon AND burgers?) and there are certainly stories in the making.

Interested in winning the Game Ball? Here are some ideas (and these are only starting points)

  • Bring cupcakes, or a soupie, or deer balogna, or some smoked salmon, or boilo
  • Learn your team’s fight song, and sing it when they score paydirt
  • Do a push-up for each point your team has every time they score (yes, this counts for Vikings, Jets and Raiders fans)
  • Dress up to make a Rabid Raider’s fan look like a punk



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Costumes galore!

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It’s been a week, and it looks like we’ve had a high rate of survival for those who attended one of last week’s Halloweekend Parties!

On Friday, DJ Big Daddy did indeed rock the house!  There wasn’t time to catch a photo of every costume, but I did get some shots of the winners.

This pair of creepy clowns took the couples costume award!

The prize packages for creativity went to the Jager-Bomber . . .


and Walter White left his mark on the party!

For creativity and costume creation skills, the night’s winner of best costume goes to the Game Ball!

Winner of the Best Costume in the “guys, this is NOT a costume” category . . . Paul Bunyan!


Paul Bunyan was a BIG fan of the Riot Punch . . .


On Saturday the Cosmic Wheels rolled through and partied!  Once again there was so much action that catching all of the costumes on film was impossible.  A few of the highlights I caught include . . .

The Real as the “the baby” . . .

The costumes that really stood out were the Pumpkinseed Couple, who wore pumpkins on their heads!

And, time best spent in the makeup chair goes to Edward Scissorhands!



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