Big Dog Dart Tournament – Saturday April 26th

On Saturday afternoon, April 26th, there will be a dart gathering. And when the smoke clears, and the dust settles, we will award the status of "Big Dog" to the last man standing.

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shuffleboard 4-23-14

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Over the weekend, Dorko’s had a fantastic showing defeating our opponents by a score of 8 – 1.  But, other teams also fared well on the shuffleboard tables, so we were unable to completely close the gap int he standings.  As of this afternoon, here is how things stack up in the Mt. Carmel Shuffleboard League!


Wilburton 2        103 – 50

Dorko’s                99 – 54

Eagles 2                97 – 56

Wilburton 1          96 – 57

Centralia              86 – 76

Atlas                     74 – 70

Eagles 1               65 – 79

American Hose 61 – 83

Vets                     58 – 86

Mt. Carmel Legion  38 – 115



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Heading into the final stretch

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I have a sheet with the standings as they were BEFORE this last weekend’s action.  So, things have changed.  but until we get all the results in from over the weekend, this will is the best we have . . .


Wilburton 1     95 – 49

Wilburton 2     94 – 50

Eagles 2            97 – 56

Dorko’s            91 – 53

Centralia         86 – 67

Atlas                 69 – 66

Eagles 1           65 – 79

American Hose  55 – 80

VFW              54 – 81

Mt. Carmel Legion  35 – 109

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Shuffleboard Standings

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Dorko’s is enjoying a stretch of HOME matches on Saturday Nights, and hopefully the “home field advantage” will help us close some ground on the squads from Wilburton.  They hold both 1st and 2nd place in the standings at this point.

Here is a list of how everyone in the league is stacking up:


Wilburton #1    88 – 38

Wilburton #2   84 – 42

Dorko’s Cafe    83 – 52

Eagles #2          80 – 55

Centralia           81 – 63

Atlas                  64 – 62

American Hose  53 – 64

VFW                  50 – 67

Eagles #1         53 – 73

Mt. Carmel Legion 33 – 102


This weekend we will be hosting the American Hose Co, with a big game against the Wilburton #1 looming on the horizon!

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Irish Handcuffs

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Standings Update

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The Shuffleboard team from Dorko’s has spent a lot of the season on the road so far.  That’s about to change.  We will be having Home matches for the duration of March.  So, going into the stretch where we get to shoot on the Home Board, the Standings look like this . . .


Wilburton 1    67 – 32

Eagles 2           63 – 36

Wilburton 2     63 – 36

Dorko’s             66 – 42

Centralia           56 – 43

Atlas                  54 – 54

VFW                  40 – 41

Eagles 1            43 – 56

American Hose    42 – 57

Mt. Carmel Legion 22 – 68


Sons of Poland has left the league, and makeup matches are in the works for several of the teams.

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Just tell it like it is

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We recently received a call, reminding us that Dorko’s has sponsored a team in the PA State Dart Tournament every year for decades.  Which was something that we kind of knew.  And that often we sent three, four or five teams during a year.  We kinda knew that too.  But there’s more . . .  The folks behind the scenes at the State Dart Tournament wanted us to know that our level of participation in, and support of the event was both appreciated, and of merit.

We were informed that we would be receiving the FIRST of the George Haines Memorial “Wall of Fame” Awards in the category of Team/Sponsor for our years of consistent support.  It’s certainly an unexpected honor to be inducted into the Wall of Fame.

Over the years we did send flight after flight of shooters to the tournament.  Some had intentions of advancing, and some had aspirations of winning.  Others simply went to enjoy the experience.  And several of them had quite . . . colorful, experiences.  The only requirement was that you were a shooter in one of the Dorko’s Leagues.  There was certainly no “minimum skill level” required.  If you wanted to shoot, go shoot.  It’s that simple.


Dorkos - George Haines Memorial Wall of Fame Induction

The induction was schedule for 9:45 AM on a Saturday, which leads me to believe that there are still a lot of people out there who don’t drink.

We did manage to gather over a dozen shooters who made the trip in time for the opening ceremony.  It was held at the Lakeside Ballroom, and they have a team in the Sunday League.  So, we were traveling familiar roads.

Included in the picture, from left to right are Ed Dormer, Fatty (Scott Paul), Muff Money (Dan Lawler), Elvis (Larry Wisneski), Shicky, Ponytail (Randy Kasenych), Hobo (Dave Hobowski), Bob Marinelli, Joe Swatski, Curtis Susnoski, Ando Mekosh, Bushy (Dave Bush), Salami (Rick Prezlomski), and Frank Petruskevich.  Kirk Wimble and Tony Ford made the early morning trip as well, but for the moment, are not in the photograph.

Also being inducted was the team from Savitski’s Edge.  They are a long time staple of the American Dart scene, hosting tournaments and sending shooters and teams to compete for years.

Johnny Kuczynski was also inducted.  Besides being one of the top ranked American Dart players in the world, he holds an annual fundraising dart tournament that benefits Toys for Tots every year in early December.  The tournament raised tens of thousands of dollars last year alone.  He’s also travelled the world competing as one of the nations top dart shooters in the English Steel Tip dart scene.  Johnny was a bit choked up during his acceptance speech, which is why I kept ours to 6 words or less ;)

It was great to have everyone together for a few hours.  Hobo still had a team alive in the tournament – he’s shooting for Etter’s VFW now since he’s moved down to York.  So, we had the chance to watch him shoot his match.  And between the story telling and watching them kick off the final day of States, including the Wall of Fame ceremony – a great time was had by all!


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Team Picture

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Big News on the darts front to report. On SATURDAY, Dorko’s will be going up on the Wall of Fame in the ceremony preceding the Finals of the PA State Dart Tournament at the Lakeside Ballroom (you go to Mahanoy City, and then . . . keep going. We play them in the Sunday League so it’s not that far).

Anyone who ever shot for Dorko’s in the State Dart Tournament over the last 20 years or so is welcome to be included in the team picture! we’ll leave about 8:30.

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Shenadoah Dart Action

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The Sunday traveling dart league finished up their regular season recently, and now the action has moved into the playoffs!

During the break between the two, they held a league tournament.  When that day was finished, there were a lot of familiar faces standing near the dartboards.  Congrats to the team from the Natalie Fire Company for taking first place!!  And Congrats to Dorko’s for bringing home the Silver!


After the tournament finished up, the playoffs began.  Dorko’s had to travel for the first playoff game, making the trip to the Mahanoy City Legion.  Once there, it turned out that the home team was too much.  The guys from Mahanoy City won the match and advance in the playoffs!  And so the Sunday season for 2103-2014 comes to an end for Dorko’s.

But there are still darts in the air with the Tuesday League still in its first half of action, and both PA States and Nationals coming up!

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the Shuffleboard League has been in action since before the holidays.  Here is a snapshot of the standings after WEEK 9  . . . .


Wilburton 1    48 – 24

Wilburton 2    40 – 23

Eagles 2          50 -31

Dorkos            44 – 28

Centralia         43 – 29

Atlas                39 – 33

VFW                31 – 32

Eagles 1           33 – 39

American Hose    26 – 37

Mt. Carmel Legion 16 – 47

Sons Of Poland      17 – 64



there two matches to be made up featuring the Legion @ American Hose, and VFW @ Wilburton 2

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