And We’re Underway

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After a year’s absence, the Dart League is back underway as of last Tuesday Night (which, as everyone may know, was the first Tuesday after the Bloomsburg Fair).  Not making the line-up was the traditional Burgers in Sauce.  They will be appearing this Tuesday, the 11th!

Teams for the Fall are as follows . . .


Team Zaharick

  • Joe Zaharick
  • Jason Parker (yes, you read that correctly.)
  • Timmy Wargo
  • Bobby Bogutski (first time league shooter)
  • Derrick Daya (also first time league shooter)


Team Snoz

  • Snoz
  • Joe Hawkins (former #1 draft choice)
  • Damien Zigler
  • Caveman (Kerrick)
  • Mikey Z

Team Doug

  • Doug Troutman
  • Cowboy
  • Skinner
  • Tony Ford
  • Amber Klinger (first time league shooter)


Team Schu

  • Chrissy Schu
  • Rudy Klinger
  • Joe Remash
  • Chris Kanezo
  • Aaron O’Niel


Zaharick’s Team took on Team Snoz to open the season.

In the 1st inning of Game 1 Team Zaharick put up a 21 inning to jump out to a 9 point lead.  That lead was erased by the 7th inning on the strength of a solid 6th and 7th by Team Snoz (23 pos and 19pts).  Snoz and company had a 2 point lead entering the 9th, and posted a 15.  Zaharick’s squad needed 17 to tie.

They had put up 17 or better in 50% of their innings, so the game could have gone either way.  But, they came up short, and Game 1 went to Team Snoz 147-144.

In Game 2, players started to settle in and post some 40 games.  Joey Hawkins led Team Snoz with a 42, And Jay Parker counter for Team Joe Z with a 43.  In this game, the supporting cat made the difference with Caveman, Snaz and Zig all posting 30+ games on their way to a 167 – 147 victory.

The third game of the series started out in favor of Team Snoz, who held a 9 point lead after 3.  Then Team Joe Z countered with two strong innings and cut the lead to 2 points midway through the contest.  Although they hung tough, they were never able to close the gap any further, and fell by a score of 158 -154.  The hot hands for the winning team were Zig with a 41, and Hawkins with a 38.

Team Snoz completes the sweep on opening night!

On the other board we had the “long car ride home” match up.  Amber Klinger was shooting for Team Doug, and he rider and husband Rudy Klinger shot for Team Schu.  Someone would have bragging rights for the week, starting with the car ride home!

In Game 1 Rudy came out firing, leading all shooters (for the night) with a 45, propelling his team to a 149 – 131 victory.

Game 2 saw Skinner rise up and lead Team Doug with a 35, but that was countered by Joe Remash’s 42 as Team Schu powered their way to a 152 – 138 win.

After the first inning of Game 3, Team Doug was down 3 points.  That lead didn’t change much, and they found themselves down 4 after the 6th inning.  At that point, Team Schu ripped off innings of 21/20/19 to break away to a 153 – 143 win, despite Doug’s 44.

Heading into week 2 – two teams are 3 – 0, two teams are 0 – 3.

Next Week Snoz v Doug, and Zaharick v Schu

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Fall Darts 2016

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It’s that time of year again.  After taking a pair of seasons off last year, darts are back in the air again this Fall!  We have 16 names on the sign up list so far, with room for 4 more – so if you are interested in some Tuesday Night dart action stop by and sign the sheet!

Games begin the Tuesday AFTER the Bloomsbury Fair!

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Don’t believe everything

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you see on the internet.  Abraham Lincoln said that.

This DID happen to me one time when a fellow who “wasn’t from around here” came into the bar and had to run outside to his car to grab something. When he came back, his drink was poured out, and the glass was being washed – to his surprise.

If you put a coaster on top of your glass in the coal region, it means “I’m done drinking, don’t pour any more beer into the glass”. And remember, “when in Rome …”, so while in the coal region, don’t take this the advice from the inter webs poster ;)

Coaster on Pint Glass

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PA State Dart Tournament Finals

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The FINALS are coming up this weekend.

We sent two teams to qualify over the past two weeks, and both advanced through some very difficult competition!!

Congrats to Mike Sinkovich, Timmy Wargo and Joe Zaharick who teamed up for the tournament. They had to make it through the team of John Kroh, Mark Kroh and Todd Harder to advance. They did just that with some 9th inning heroics that led to an extra inning victory where Sinko hit a trip on his last dart to seal the win.

We didn’t have a dart league this year, and these guys made it to the bar on Tuesday nights when they could. They decided to go up together just to compete. Joe is a traveling dart shooter. Sinko and Timmy learned to win on the Red Tornadoes. Put that together and they were able to leave their mark on the tournament. They continue the journey this Saturday!

The second team to compete from Dorko’s was Joe Swatski, Doug Troutman, and Bruce Unverdorben Jr. In order to advance, they had to compete with Haganey’s Aces II. That team consists of Tommy Hill (2006 inductee into the American Baseball Darts Wall of Fame), Joe Haganey (2011 inductee) and Mark Weurstle (2013 inductee).

I wonder if that’s what Murderer’s Row from the ’27 Yankees looked like?

It didn’t matter. Doug, Swat and Bruce sent them into the loser’s bracket!

It was a tough road for both teams so far. They start off in the One Loss bracket on Saturday, and things won’t be getting any easier.

So, we’re making a road trip up this weekend to support the fellows in Freeland. The event is kicks off at 10am at the Freeland Event Center (300 Fern St, Freeland, PA 18224).

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We are 70-odd games into the shuffleboard season of 2015-2016, and thats enough games for the pecking order to begin to sort itself out.

Here’s how all of the teams are doing as of last FRIDAY (so that’s BEORE this past Saturday Night’s set of games).

K of C 51 21
Dorko’s Cafe 54 27
Wilburton 1 44 49
Eagles 2 49 32
Wilburton 2 45 36
Clover Hose 34 47
Atlas 33 48
Eagles 1 32 49
Centralia 31 50
VFW 23 58

There is a make up game that needs to be played between K of C and Wilburton 1.

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The first weekend in February

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So, what’s going on this weekend?

FRIDAY NIGHT – Mr. Trent Knoll is in the house performing live for us from 10pm – 1am. We haven’t seen him since June, and we’re happy he’s back!

SATURDAY NIGHT – Mardi Gras Celebration!! That’s right, we’re heading towards Fat Tuesday, and kicking it off on the weekend with DJ BIG DADDY!!

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Miller Lite Night

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That’s a picture of Team Miller Lite – the people who cause the well to run dry on this date, in 2012. Since then, we’ve been having Miller Lite night in memory of that historic event. So tonight, from 8 til 10, Miller Lite Cans and Bottles are $1 each. Come on out, and celebrate history!

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Tonight’s Rock and Roll

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Nick Coyle was scheduled to come in tonight and rock the house, but the flu has gotten the better of him. Tonight we’ll have to party on without him while he recuperates. He’ll see us again next month, on the 19th!!

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Flyers Trip Sat. February 13th

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vs the NJ Devils with a 1pm puck drop. That’s what’s on the schedule as far as winter get-aways.

There will be a sign up sheet at the bar.

Here’s the breakdown . . .

Devils fans WILL be allowed on the bus. Rude behavior and language directed towards them based solely on their support of the enemy will not be tolerated on the bus. But, once we get there and they “debus”, they’re on their own.

Just kidding!! Kinda.

The Costs:  $30 bus fare, leaving from Dorko’s and returning to Dorko’s (that’s the corner of Fourth and Poplar, Mt. Carmel, PA 17851).  We’re looking at 9 o’clock departure so we can get there, and have some time to grab a program and a beer/pretzel before face-off.  We should even have a chance to peek in on warm-ups.

The Beer: Bring your own, that was everyone has a chance to ensure that their libations will be of a flavor and quantity that is to their liking :)

The Tickets:  I called a Flyers rep, and they pretty much stated the obvious – Finding 30 tickets together for an afternoon game against a local rival just isn’t going to happen.  And unless we’re ordering 30 seats, it’s not “Group Tickets” anymore.  So, I inspected the inventory at the StubHubs and they said there are over 1,800 tickets floating around waiting to be claimed.

There are also seats to be had from the Flyers themselves.

Everyone is responsible for their own ticket – the upside of which is that you get to choose if you want to be up against the glass, in a luxury box, or simply in the building.


Cindy said she’d like to see you there, so Sign UP, find a buddy and have him grab a couple of tickets off of stubHub or through the Flyers, and make a day of it!

And tell the wife that your viewing enjoyment will be THESE Guys playing the Hockeys for you . . . .

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Christmas Auction

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The following picture is up for auction at eBay



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