We had our weekly dose of dart league action last night, during which Team Remash took on Trout’s Team.

Both Tony Ford and Mike M were absent, so Remash and Kerrick had to do all the work themselves for their team.  In the first game they shot well, but Doug’s 44 and Snoz’s 37 were just to much.  Team Trout took the game 138 – 110.

In the second game, Kerrick flirted with a 40 game, finishing with a 39.  That powered Team Remash to a 122 – 111 win, and evened up the series at one game a piece.

Remash hit a 40 in his final game of the night.  On the other side, Snoz put up 46 for his highest game of the season.  the game went to Team Troutman, 132 – 120.

On the other board, Team Zig was looking for their first win of the season against Team Zaharick.  Jay Moser stumbled out of the gate with a 12, but Lurch, his counterpart on Team Zaharick, only posted a 10 for the game.  Joe Z’s 37 led shooters for the game, and that helped his team to a 107 – 97 win.

In Game 2 of the series, Timmy Wargo came to life posting a 44.  Cowboy came alive on the other team, posting a 44 of his own.  Boyer put up 37, and Joe Z threw a 42.  Those scores helped add up to a 142 – 124 victory for Team Zaharick.

In the final game of the match Team Zig put up a 117, which is a score that can win some games during the season.  The problem is that Team Zaharick put up a season high 151 game!

This is how things look until next week . . .


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Week two of the 2nd half

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of darts took place last night – along with some St. Patty’s Day celebrating. Doug Troutman wins “best T shirt” hands down.

We welcomed Jay Moser to the league last night. He’s jumping in for recently departed Pat McLaughlin, joining Skinner, Timmy and Zig.

His first action was on the front board, taking on Remash’s team. Game 1 of the match came down to the final inning. Skinner was the final shooter, and he faced a 5/6 tie/win situation. That’s a tall order, and although he threw a 4 for the inning, it wasn’t enough and Team Remash squeaked by with a one point victory 115 – 114.

In the second game Mike Kerrick wore up, hit a 44 (which was high game for all shooters), threw the world out of balance, and led team Remash to a 134 – 128 win. In a losing effort Skinner and Moser put up 29/33.

The third game of the set was also decided in the 9th inning. Team Remash had a two point lead going into the top of the inning, where they threw a 17. That tied their highest inning the game, and put a little too much pressure on Team Zig. Remash won the game 124 – 118.

On the back board, Team Doug took on Team Zaharick. Game 1 went to Team Zaharick 116 – 104.

Game 2 was a nail biter. Going into the 9th, Team Zaharick had a 2 point lead. In the top of the inning, Team Doug only managed to put up 11 points. That tilted the game in Team Zaharick’s favor, but with Boyer and Lurch absent due to what will be a legendary golfing trip, there were only two shooters in the bottom of the inning. Cowboy hit a 3, setting up Joe Z with a 1/2 tie/win situation. Joe had a 42 going into the inning, but missed the target with all three darts, and Team Doug squeaked by with a 1 point win, 124 – 123!

In the final game, Team Doug threw a solid 118 game. Joe Z fell off the tracks in the 7th, blacking out the final three innings. Team Doug took the final game 118 – 102.

Special mentions:

  • Moser ended up shooting hammer for his team during his first night out.
  • Mike Kerrick’s 44 led all shooters for the night, and was 13 points above his average.
  • Mike McG also had a great game as he closed out night with a 38 – which is 19 points above his average!


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the High Life

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Sadly, Windell Middlebrooks passed this week. He was the no-nonsense Miller High Life delivery guy . . .

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dart season kicked off on Tuesday night.

First half champions Team Joe Z are on the back board facing of against Team Remash.  in the first game of the match Boyer put up his best game of the season, leading shooters with a 45.  That helped power Team Joe Z to a 124 – 103 victory.

In the second game, Team Remash took a 3 point lead into the 9th inning.  In the top of the inning, Boyer, Lurch and Joe Z all shot 5′s, and Cowboy John Finlan chipped in with 4, for a 19 inning.  That proved to be too much, and the game slipped out of Team Remash’s hands as they fell 116 – 111.  In the final game, Kerrick came alive as the anchorman on Team Remash.  He put up a 38 game.  But on the other side of the fence, Boyer and Joe Z put up 38/39 to match his efforts.  In the end, Team Joe Z took the final game 128 – 114.  That gave them the sweep for the evening, and an undefeated start into the second half of the season.

On the Front board, Zig’s team took on Doug’s team.  There were no standout performances in the first game.  Zig’s team entered the 9th down by 5.  The shot a solid 17 inning, which gave them a chance.  But in the bottom of the inning, Z led off with a 5, and Doug followed with a 4 cutting the lead down to 3.  Fatty and Snoz finished with 5 points between them, and the game went to Team Doug 117 – 115.

In the second game of the match Zig caught fire shooting a 48, which was high game of the evening.  that wasn’t enough for a victory though.  In the 4th inning, Z shot a 5, Doug hit 7, and Snoz fired a white horse giving Team Doug a 22 inning.  That created an 11 point lead that they carried through until the end of the match.  Final score . . . 130 – 119 Team Doug.

In the last game of the match Team Doug came to life putting up the highest team score of the night with a 136.  They took the game, and have a 3 – 0 record for the start of the second half.

Action continues next Tuesday night at 7:30!



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We almost had one

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to talk about for ages to come. As the final game of the first half of the season was being shot, there was a chance that the standings would end up in a four way tie with every team holding a 9 – 9 record.

On the front board, Team Remash was at a disadvantage. The weather kept both Mike Kerrick and joe Remash from attending, and without them it was hard to put together a strong enough game. They dropped the first two to Doug’s team 122 – 93 and 118 – 100.

In the third game it looked like they might have enough power to push through for a win, but fell short by a 118 – 115 margin.

That sweep brought both teams into a tie in the standings with 9 – 9 records.

Meanwhile, on the back board, Zig and Zaharick led their squads in competition. In the first game Zig’s 45 (high game for the night) was needed for a 108 – 105 win. They went into the 9th inning of that game down by 2, but Skinner’s 7 erased that deficit and Zig came through on as the final shooter looking at 2/3 (tie/win).

In game 2 Timmy and Zig hit 35/37, and Pat pitched in with a 28. But that wasn’t enough. Boyer posted a 42 to lead his team in scoring and Team Zaharick grabbed a 133 – 110 win.

In the final game, Zig’s team jumped out to a 10 point lead at the end of the second stanza. In the 8th inning, Team Zaharick got 8 of those points back, and were up by one going into the 9th. If Team Zig squeaks out a win, we all stand tied at halftime in the season.

But Boyer, Cowboy and Zaharick all threw 6′s in the final inning. That made things a bit too difficult for Team Zig, and they dropped the final game of he half 127 – 120.

That gave Team Zaharick the First Half Championship!


At this point in the season, the averages start to get harder to move.  Currently on top is Doug with a 42.3, followed by Zig, Zaharick and Tony Ford.

Only one tenth of a point separate Mike Kerrick and John Finlan.  The same with Mikey Z and newcomer Mike McG.  Wargo has two tenths of a point on Boyer.

Action continues next Tuesday Night at 7:30 as we reset the numbers on the Standings Board and start over for the second half.


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Team Trivia action

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Team Trivia marches on on Monday Nights. This week there were half a dozen teams vying for the title of Team Trivia Champions. Here’s a picture of our winner’s!

Rumor has it that the addition of Crow is what turned the tide, although Bubba may say different,

So, the question is, can they successfully defend the title next week?

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Shuffleboard is entering

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the Final Week of the season!

there have been some ups and downs this year. The Mt. Carmel Legion wasn’t able to make it the entire way through, and have dropped out of the league. Teams with matches scheduled against them are receiving a 9-0 forfeit.

Dawn Dormer had been the buzz of the Dorko’s Team, maintaining an undefeated streak that lasted well into the season! Of course nobody’s perfect, and her streak came to an end. Still, her hand is behind many of the 105 wins that Dorko’s has put up this season.

Heading into the final matches, the standings look like this . . .

Wilburton 2 111 – 42
Eagles 2 101 – 43
Dorko’s 105 – 48
Wilburton 1 93 – 51
Eagles 1 72 – 72
Centralia 69 – 84
Clover Hose 61 – 74
V.F.W. 53 – 91
Atlas 44 – 91
MC Legion 20 – 133

The Eagles have some games in hand, and word on the street is that they have a solid chance of ending up on top when the dust settles.

Dorkos will be in action at HOME this Saturday Night the league leaders – Wilburton 2!

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Every time Tony shoots a 50

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I’m a little delayed on getting the dart blurb up for the week. And I have to fix an error in the averages. I’ll get there. Boyer will remind me.

Inside the bar last Tuesday, we shot darts.

Remo’s team took on Doug’s team in one of the matches. In the first game, Tony Ford nailed the board, posting a 52 game to lead all shooters. Remo chipped in with a 38, and the team put up a 147 game, which was good enough for the win (147 – 130).

In the second game, Mike Kerrick came alive. His 43 was the top score of the game. And, Tony, Remo, and Kerrick shot a penalty free game. Mike M’s single in the 7th inning was the only blemish on the scorecard. You guys are going to have to shoot a lot worse than that if you want to have a fun party at the end of the season! The game finished up 118 – 112, in favor of Remash.

The final game of the math came down to the very last dart! Doug’s team was up by four heading into the 9th. Team Remash shot a 17, which at least gave them a chance to win. Z was the final shooter of the game, and he faced a “two to tie, three to win” scene. He was only able to land a single, and team Remash squeaked by with a 125-124 victory, sweeping the night.

On the other board Team Zig faced Team Zaharick. In the first game, Lurch came out firing, and missing mostly. His 9 game spurred his teammates to dig deeper, and they all had 30 games. That was enough and they took the first game 109 – 102. In the second game, the captains dulled. Zig shot a 45 and Joe Z threw 42. John Finlan tossed a 40 of his own. On the strength of a 20 inning in the 9th, Team Zig took the second game 135 – 134.

Zig continued the hot hand in the third game. He strung together a pair of 8′s, a pair of 7′s and a pair of 6′s on his way to a 54 game – proving once again that when Tony Ford shoots a 50+, someone else shoots a better 50+. Oh well.

The 54 wasn’t enough to lift his team to victory as they fell in another close one 125 – 122. The final two games were decided by 4 points, which is a reminder that every dart counts.

Away from the bar this week, we had a team compete in the final qualifying day of States in Freeland.

Doug Troutman, Kirk Wimble, and Joe Swatski shot four matches and walked away with a 3 – 1 record. Doug’s 60 was high game of the day!

They will be going back THIS SATURDAY to compete in the finals!

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we sent a team up to States on Saturday. The tournament moved back to Freeland, and Sinko, Rock and Andy Dowkus made the trip up to shoot.

There, they found themselves matched up against Haganey’s #2. In the first game of the match Sino put up a 41, and Rock really came to shoot firing a 46. But, Haganey’s was able to withstand that by firing some good games of their own . . .

It’s a little blurry, but the scorecard says Joe Hoffman led off with a 46, Tommy Hill threw a 61, and Joe Haganey shot hammer with a 53 for a team total of 160.

It doesn’t matter what you shoot, when they shoot a 160 you shake their hands.

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The Weekend Ahead

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